ED and Chinamasa cross swords for Chitando

ED and Chinamasa cross swords for Chitando

Former cabinet minister and Zanu PF politburo member Patrick Chinamasa has reportedly lost his influential treasury general position after crossing swords with President Emmerson Mnangagwa for allegedly interfering with his cabinet ministers, NewsDay hears. .

Mnangagwa recently reportedly summoned the former finance minister for defying his government ministers after he reportedly wrote to former local government minister Winstone Chitando questioning the suspension of his alleged allies in the Rural District Council. of Makoni for corruption.

The government suspended Makoni RDC chairman David Guy Mutasa and former chief executive Edward Pise, who are alleged to be known allies of Chinamasa. Pise was relieved of his position last week after holding the position for more than 30 years.

Earlier this year, Chitando sent an investigation team to investigate allegations of land theft in Nyazura, but the investigators reportedly faced resistance from Mutasa and Pise, leading to their suspension.

Chinamasa, who was reassigned to the party’s national legal affairs secretary, reportedly wrote to Chitando’s former ministry protesting against the suspensions.

He also allegedly wrote another strongly worded letter to the current Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Daniel Garwe, challenging his predecessor’s decision.

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Both Chitando and Garwe were reportedly not amused by the party’s former treasurer-general’s conduct and reported the matter to Mnagagwa.

In the letter to Garwe seen by NewsDay, Chinamasa said he felt obliged to inform him that the council had been considered one of the best-run local authorities under Mutasa.

“Your predecessor, the Honorable Winston Chitando, made a decision that I firmly believe was unjustified and defies any logic unless there is something else (which) was revealed to me,” the letter dated May 7 this year said.

He said Mutasa was national president of the National Association of Rural and Urban Councils.

“I therefore firmly believe that the suspensions of Councilor Mutasa and Pise are not only unjustified but defame their character and reputation, something that could have been avoided through consultation,” Chinamasa said.

Meanwhile, sources have told NewsDay that Chinamasa, who served as finance minister and justice minister at various times after joining the late former president Robert Mugabe as attorney general, had become arrogant after his rise under the Mnangagwa government. .

Chinamasa has not answered calls since last week.

Garwe said he was still new to the Ministry of Local Government to comment on the matter.

However, sources said Mnangagwa asked Chinamasa why he was questioning and challenging members of his cabinet.

“President Mnangagwa was not happy that Patrick Chinamasa had a habit of defying his ministers and was reprimanded over the matter and told to abandon the habit,” a source said.

“Chinamasa is literally defying the president as Chitando and Garwe are his appointees, especially after questioning the decision to investigate corruption allegations.”

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