You may need Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro to use all the AI ​​features in iOS 18

You may need Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro to use all the AI ​​features in iOS 18

In just over a week, Apple will introduce iOS 18 and its other new versions of the operating system, with a big focus on bringing artificial intelligence features to its customers at the system level.

Apple is expected to use a combination of device and cloud for AI processing. But customers may need the latest and greatest to be able to use these new features. Mark Gurman writes that many of the next AIs in devices will require the latest high-end iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

That would mean that to use each new iOS 18 feature, customers would be expected to own the latest high-end ‘Pro’ iPhones with the A17 Pro chip. (Note that the cheaper iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus launched on last fall they run on the older A16 chip).

The A17 minimum requirement is likely partly a result of product marketing segmentation in which Apple increases the appeal of high-end models, and partly a result of technical requirements. The A17 features significantly faster CPU and GPU cores and a new 16-core neural engine capable of 35 trillion operations per second. The on-chip RAM has also increased from 6GB to 8GB.

By the time iOS 18 is released to the public, likely in September, the iPhone 15 Pro series will be one year old and Apple will have unveiled the 2024 iPhone 16 lineup, which will no doubt support all the features of iOS 18 and perhaps even have additional features. Exclusive AI capabilities.

The expected system requirements for the Mac and iPad seem a bit more inclusive, and Gurman suggests the limit may be the M1 chip. That would date back to the 2020 Apple Silicon Macs and the 2021 iPad Pro, or later models.

With the M1 cut, all iPad and Mac models would have at least 8 GB of RAM available, which may become the main limiting factor. If the power of the Neural Engine was the bottleneck, only the newer M3 or M4 chip has a Neural Engine as powerful as the one found in the iPhone 15 Pro.

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