Monster Hunter Wilds First Gameplay Trailer Gets Really Wild

Monster Hunter Wilds First Gameplay Trailer Gets Really Wild

Sony’s State of Play presentation included a new look at the upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds, the next major release in Capcom’s creature looting RPG series. While the game is still scheduled for release in 2025, the new trailer gave us a better idea of ​​what to expect from this Monster Hunter and how it differs from the last two, Monster Hunter World and Rise.

The gameplay-focused trailer gave a look at some of the new monsters, along with the new bird mounts. Monsters shown include a large furry monster that looks like a cross between a lion and a dog, a Doshaguma, and a toad-like armored monster called Chatacabra. There was also a preview of some more environmental traps involved, such as a sandstorm that caused several monsters to be sucked into a sand dune. The trailer also revealed that there will be additional Palico outfits and weapons if you have save data for Monster Hunter World or Monster Hunter Rise. Some classic Monster Hunter features were also shown, such as shooting an SOS flare to provide multiplayer help.

The entire progression of the game took place in a single location, Windward Plains, which is made up of deserts, grasslands, and rock formations. Capcom confirmed in a PlayStation Blog that this is just one of several locations that will be present in Monster Hunter Wilds. It’s also confirmed that your mount can carry a secondary weapon, providing a quick and easy way to swap weapons during a hunt.

Monster Hunter Wilds first debuted during The Game Awards 2023, with a trailer showing off its new rideable mount, a bird-like creature that can briefly glide in addition to its agile running and jumping abilities. Riding mounts called Palamutes were introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, but Wilds shows Capcom going in a new direction this time around. Wilds’ environment also seemed modeled after a savannah, due to its wide, flat vistas and plant life.

Monster Hunter had been a relatively obscure series in the West until Monster Hunter World, which broke Capcom’s sales records and made it one of the company’s biggest franchises. Monster Hunter Rise debuted on Nintendo Switch, but was later ported to PC and other consoles, and has seen equally strong numbers.