The SNP must never be forgiven for its transgender madness

The SNP must never be forgiven for its transgender madness

Given the fact that Scotland is awash in gender ideology, it came as no surprise to me that more than 95 per cent of Scottish secondary schools are telling children they can self-identify their gender. Having submitted freedom of information requests to schools, the findings by the group For Women Scotland suggest that children are routinely being brought under the impression that they may be trapped in the wrong body and have the option of switching to the opposite sex.

With every passing week, the true scale of the Scottish Nationalist Party trans agenda is being laid bare, leaving children at risk of being set on a path of lifelong medicalisation – at times regardless of what their parents think. Nicola Sturgeon made a determined effort to introduce self-identification – a law later struck down by Westminster. Despite the fact that men claiming to be women pose a real risk to actual women, Sturgeon appeared to dismiss as transphobic the concerns of some of those alerting her to the problems.

But there was a public outcry when Isla Bryson (Adam Graham), convicted of two rapes, was assessed in a women’s prison in Scotland. He was eventually transferred to a men’s prison. The scandal shone a light on the dangers inherent to the Scottish Government’s gender reforms, which would have allowed transgender people in Scotland to self-identify without a medical intervention.

I am currently making a podcast about the damaged gender ideology does to children and parents alike, and recently heard from interviewees that one school asked a three-year-old refugee from a war-torn country whether her trauma was perhaps related to her gender identity . In classrooms and LGBTQ+ clubs, schools are indoctrinating kids with the notion that everyone has an innate gender identity.

How did we get here? Trans activists and their allies can be the most horrendous tyrants, often terrifying those speaking out against transgender ideology. I should know. And this madness is furthered by trans-activist groups that work closely with government.

We must refrain from teaching transgender ideology in schools because it is inherently partisan and potentially harmful. Children should be taught that there are two sexes, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with same-sex attraction, which is entirely different from indoctrinating them with the idea that they may have been born in the wrong body. It’s time to end the chaos.