YouTuber IShowSpeed ​​goes to hospital after cheese run

YouTuber IShowSpeed ​​goes to hospital after cheese run

Screenshot, When asked if the injury was worth it, IShowSpeed ​​responded, “Hell yeah!”

An American YouTuber and rapper has said he will go to hospital after being injured on the cheese run in Gloucestershire.

IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr, said he wanted a second chance on the daunting Cooper’s Hill slope after previously taking part in the first men’s race.

The influencer said the race had further hurt a previous leg injury, but added that it was worth it.

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  • Role, BBC News, Gloucestershire

He told the BBC: “It looks scary, but once you see the first slide you think, ‘Do you know what I can do with this?’

“I want to do it again because now I know how to win.”

When asked if he would do it again, he replied, “Hell yes!”

video subtitles, ‘I want to do it again because now I know how to win’

Hundreds of people participated in the chaotic event, which has six races, including men’s, women’s and children’s races.

All winners take home a Double Gloucester cheese wheel after chasing it 200 yards (182.88 m) up the 1:2 slope of Cooper’s Hill at Brockworth.

The champion of the first men’s downhill race was 22-year-old German Tom Kopke from Munich.

“I’m absolutely thrilled, it was an incredible experience. The unfortunate thing is that I can’t remember anything about it,” said Kopke, who also runs his own YouTube channel.

Screenshot, “I just remember rolling down and taking another beating to the face,” said women’s champion Abby Lampe.

The recent rains had left the track soft, slippery and very muddy for the competitors, who were cheered by thousands of spectators.

“I love this event and it’s crazy,” added Mr. Kopke.

“I promised my grandmother I would give it to her, so she would keep the cheese.”

Rebel cheesemakers have been organizing their own unofficial event after health and safety fears led to the cancellation of the official competition in 2010.

This unusual event has been celebrated for centuries and is believed to have its roots in a pagan festival to celebrate the return of spring.

Screenshot, People use all kinds of techniques to get to the bottom of the hill.

The second men’s race was won by Dylan Twiss, 25, from Perth, Australia, who said afterwards: “I’m a little surprised.

“I said I was going to win and I did. I wasn’t really sure if I had it or not and I knew there were a lot of people coming in pretty quickly.”

“Maybe I’ll eat the cheese at some point; I haven’t fully decided yet.”

The women’s race was won by Abby Lampe, 23, from North Carolina (United States), who won a Double Gloucester for the second time after winning for the first time in 2022.

“I just remember rolling down and getting hit in the face again,” he said.

He said he wanted to defend his title and now plans to ship the cheese back to North Carolina.

The final men’s downhill race was won by Brockworth’s Josh Shepherd, who also won earlier.

Screenshot, Australian Dylan Twiss celebrates after winning the second men’s race