Raucous crowd boos Donald Trump as he seeks libertarian support

Raucous crowd boos Donald Trump as he seeks libertarian support

Libertarians will choose their candidate for the White House during their convention, which concludes Sunday. Trump’s appearance also gave him the opportunity to court voters who might otherwise support independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who gave his own speech at the Libertarian convention on Friday.

Polls have shown for months that most voters do not want a 2020 rematch between Trump and President Biden. That dynamic could potentially increase support for an alternative like the Libertarian candidate or Kennedy, whose candidacy has allies of Biden and Trump worried that he could be a spoiler.

Despite the strident atmosphere, Trump continued to press his speech, saying he had come “to extend a hand of friendship” in common opposition to Biden. That sparked a shout of “We want Trump!” from his supporters, but more cries of “Let’s end the Federal Reserve!” – a common refrain among libertarians who oppose the Federal Reserve.

A person holding a sign that said “No wannabe dictators allowed!” He was dragged away by security.

Trump tried to win over the crowd by promising to include a libertarian in his cabinet, but many in the crowd whistled in disbelief, the AP reported.

The former president received a standing ovation when he promised to commute the life sentence of convicted founder of drug-selling website Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, and potentially release him when he completes time served.

This was designed to energize libertarian activists who believe government investigators overreached in building their case against Silk Road, and who generally oppose criminal drug policies more broadly.