McDonald’s customer shocked by ‘putrid’ state of restaurant: ‘I felt sick’

McDonald’s customer shocked by ‘putrid’ state of restaurant: ‘I felt sick’

McDonald’s is “working with” one of its franchises after footage of the filthy restaurant stunned onlookers. The “putrid” scene showed rubbish strewn across the restaurant, food including beef patties left on the floor and bins overflowing with drink cartons, burger boxes and paper bags.

The footage was taken at the fast-food outlet in Cheltenham, Melbourne, this week while the restaurant was full of people. Jackie Zovas told Yahoo News Australia when she first walked in, the McDonald’s was “super busy” with “people everywhere, rubbish everywhere you looked and only about three staff working.”

Burger patties were seen on the floor, with bags, boxes, drinks and wrappers scattered throughout the restaurant. Source: TikTok/JackieZovas

Zovas said it was a “disappointing” scene as staff appeared to be working slowly despite the rush and, there was food all over the floor. She claimed some items being served to customers had been “sitting there for quite some time.”

“I genuinely felt sick to my stomach to the point I actually asked for my order to be canceled as I felt as though eating this food would make me sick, that’s how much of a health hazard I believe it was,” she told Yahoo.

In his footage posted to social media, Zovas said: “I’ve never seen anything like this,” with two vomiting emojis, adding the sight was “putrid.”

The Cheltenham McDonald’s was in a sorry state this week. Source: Google Maps

A spokesperson for McDonald’s Australia told Yahoo: “At McDonald’s we are committed to giving our customers a great experience every time they visit one of our restaurants.”

“We follow strict cleaning, sanitisation and hygiene procedures in all restaurants, including routine dining room cleaning.

“We are working with the restaurant to ensure we continue to provide a safe and clean restaurant, with a great customer experience.”

Many commenters on the TikTok shared by Zovas said their local McDonald’s was similar and chastised the restaurant for not putting on enough staff throughout the night to clear away rubbish and mop up floors.

“Typical fast food these days. All about profits and not enough staff,” one said, while another added: “That should be reported to the health department, disgusting.

A third wrote: “It shows none of you have worked a busy service in a kitchen. “You think food doesn’t fall on the floor?” One more added: “Reminds me of Circular Quay Macca’s on a weekend bender.”

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