EastEnders’ Zack lashes out at Lauren following Whitney’s exit

EastEnders’ Zack lashes out at Lauren following Whitney’s exit

EastEnders’ Zack Hudson is set to lash out at Lauren Branning next week, following Whitney Dean’s exit.

Whitney left Albert Square in Thursday’s episode (May 23) to start a new life with Britney and Dolly after she found out on her wedding day that Zack slept with Lauren.

She left on better terms with both of them but confirmed to Lauren that their friendship was over and told Zack there was no way back for them as a couple.


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In next week’s episodes, Lauren and Zack are both in a bad way, as their actions played a role in Whitney’s departure.

Lauren is subject to more spiteful comments from Cindy, and Peter attempts to support her.

Meanwhile, Zack tries to numb his pain with alcohol and gets drunk at The Albert. As Felix can’t reach Sharon or Martin, he suggests that Lauren takes him home.

When they arrive at Zack’s place, Lauren is horrified when Zack makes a pass at her – but her mood changes when she rejects him.


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Zack is furious when Lauren admits that she played a role in Whitney’s decision to leave, and he shouts in her face.

A shaken Lauren confides in Peter about Zack’s sudden outburst, and Peter goes to the flat to confront him.

When Peter tells him what he did when he was drunk, Zack is horrified, and he breaks down in tears.

Lauren is appreciative of Peter’s unconditional support and agrees to spend the evening with him.


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Later in the week, Lauren faces more backlash at the Beales’, as Cindy continues to be hostile and rude.

Peter defends her against his mother, and he even threatens to move out if she can’t be civil to the mother of his child.

As they grow closer, Lauren thanks Peter for having her back during a challenging week.

Will both Lauren and Zack find a way forward in the wake of Whitney’s exit?

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