Erik Ten Hag comes out with crazy comments amid reports of United sackings

Erik Ten Hag comes out with crazy comments amid reports of United sackings

Manchester United’s preparation for the FA Cup final has been marred by rumors surrounding the future of manager Erik ten Hag.

The Dutchman has found himself under pressure this season, with United enduring their worst league campaign in 34 years and exiting the Champions League at the group stage.


An improbable victory in Saturday’s FA Cup final against rivals Manchester City is the only thing that could give an air of respectability to this season. However, it seems that this will not be enough to save ten Hag’s position.

Reports in the Guardian on Friday suggest that United have already decided to part ways with ten Hag after the final, regardless of the result. Separate reports from The Athletic suggest the club have made initial contact with Kieran McKenna as a possible replacement.

It’s a strange way to enter the final round of the FA Cup and it has become even stranger following an interview with ten Hag published in the Dutch media on Saturday morning.

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Erik ten Hag’s strong interview arises amid Manchester United rumors

Erik ten Hag

August 6, 2023; Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag during the pre-season friendly match between Manchester United and Athletic Bilbao at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin. Photo by David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile

While the football world almost accepts that Erik ten Hag will not be the manager of Manchester United next season, the Dutchman has emerged victorious.

In an interview with Voetbal International in his native Netherlands, ten Hag confidently stated that he believed he would still be at Old Trafford next season. Ten Hag also outlined his priority areas in the transfer window, suggesting that he believes he will still be boss in August:

Most interestingly, ten Hag criticized some of the criticism he received this season, saying that fans and pundits had unrealistic expectations for him and the team, especially when they have suffered so many injuries this season.

Manchester United last won the league in 2013, 11 years ago. But they still expect us to win every game while competing at the top. This club is not prepared for that.

We were supposed to start building something and we took the first steps last year, but then you discover how big this club is and that no one is ever satisfied.

Inside the club people were satisfied, but outside the club there was noise saying that I only won the Carabao Cup, lost the FA Cup final and came third.

Well, then you have no sense of reality. Other clubs had a much better squad.

The experts in England want to score, they want to show that they are worth it, and for that Manchester United are easy prey.

It is the biggest club in England and possibly the world. The club is loved or hated, there is no middle ground.

So when things go wrong, everyone starts talking and talking in big words. All this negativity from these so-called experts who do not have the ability to analyze something with facts, but who prefer to attack people to make themselves look better.

Pretty strong words from Erik ten Hag, especially in the run-up to the biggest game of his and Manchester United’s season.

It’s a pretty bold motivational strategy to put your players under the bus in the hours before a cup final. One wonders how well it will turn out.

Ten Hag certainly seems to believe he will be in charge next season regardless of the result of Saturday’s derby, saying: “INEOS told me that they want to change everything and that they want to rebuild with me; this is what they told me directly.”

Given how terrible this season has been for Manchester United, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Dutchman heading out the door.

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