Ethiopian government awards 12 media outlets

Ethiopian government awards 12 media outlets

Ethiopian government awards 12 media outlets
Most of the media outlets that the Ethiopian government has awarded are state-owned (Photo: PD)


Toronto – Human rights organizations and organisations such as the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) have been accusing the Abiy Ahmed administration of media crackdowns and arresting journalists just for doing their jobs.

Abiy Ahmed’s government appears to be making an effort to paint a different picture by praising media outlets that appear to support his government. On Wednesday, he awarded 12 media outlets at an event organised under the theme “Media for the Nation 2016”.

Many of the recipients of the award are state-owned media outlets: Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC), Ethiopian Press Enterprise, Oromia Broadcasting Network, Amhara Media Corporation, Addis Media Network, Fana Broadcasting Corporate, Walta Media and Communications, Ethiopia News Agency (ENA) and Ethiopian Broadcasting Service, all of which are state-owned.

Among the private media, Sheger Radio, Fortune News Paper, Awash FM, Dire Tube and TikVah Ethiopia are among the private media included in the award. The last two are digital media.

Abiy Ahmed himself presented the award. His government has put numerous journalists behind bars. Although some were released after the end of the state of emergency, there are still journalists in prison.

In recent years, his government has spent billions of birr modernizing state media outlets (such as the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) in the hope that they will serve as dominant narratives supporting his government. Despite their remarkable consistency as government propaganda outlets, many of the official media outlets still struggle with a credibility crisis.


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