Government pursues land magnates in Goronzonzi

Government pursues land magnates in Goronzonzi

The Ministry of Local Government and Public Works has ordered the immediate cessation of all unauthorised land developments and land sales by land barons including Pullhill Enterprises and its agencies at Lot 2 Stuhm in Goromonzi.

In a statement, the ministry said Pullhill Enterprises and the land barons must stop illegal activities immediately.

“Therefore, the Minister now orders Pullhill Enterprises and its agencies or any other unauthorized entity to stop illegal developments and sale of stands on Lot 2 Stuhm,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry said it had the exclusive mandate to subdivide, lease or sell state-owned urban land under Section 43 of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act.

“Furthermore, the ministry advises the public not to purchase the stands advertised in Lot 2 Stuhm or any other unauthorized land or stands, as they risk losing their hard-earned money and being prosecuted for illegal appropriation of state urban land,” the ministry said.

“The public is informed that the land in question is a state urban land under the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works.”

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According to an assessment by the Goromonzi Rural District Council, desperate land seekers were deceived by land barons.

In 2019, President Emmerson Mnangagwa set up a commission to investigate the issue of land allocation in the country.

The commission was chaired by Judge Tendai Uchena.

In the report, Judge Uchena said the government lost more than $3 billion in potential revenue to the land barons.

The report implicates a number of politically exposed persons, mainly from ZANU PF.

However, the report has not been shared with the public.

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