We agree with Generation Z, we don’t want dialogue, we want action!, says Kalonzo

We agree with Generation Z, we don’t want dialogue, we want action!, says Kalonzo

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has said there should be no dialogue a day after President William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila announced a six-day national dialogue within the framework of the National Multisectoral Forum scheduled for next week.

Generation Z who led the recent protests against the Finance Bill criticised the ODM chief for supporting calls for a multi-stakeholder forum.

They have claimed that they have no tribe, no party, no leaders and that none of the political classes speak for them.

In a statement on Wednesday, Kalonzo said the Wiper party supports Generation Z and will not engage in any dialogue.

“When it comes to the Gen Z revolution, it seems the administration doesn’t understand public sentiment. Gen Z doesn’t want dialogue. They want action, and Wiper agrees,” Kalonzo said.

The Wiper leader said the current state of the nation could have been avoided if the government had addressed the cost of living and implemented the findings of the National Dialogue Committee (Nadco).

According to Kalonzo, the government does not need dialogue to implement critical projects in the country.

“There is no need for dialogue. There is no need for dialogue to assess the public debt because the Comptroller General of the Republic has the same role. The attempt to usurp the Constitution by forming a working group on the issue is equally revealing. There is no need for dialogue to place intern doctors or to dismiss corrupt government officials,” he said.

“The dialogue that Generation Z and Kenyans are demanding is for Parliament to be dissolved, early elections to be called and Ruto to resign. And the Wiper Democratic Movement agrees.”

He added that Wiper will continue to engage with youth on all available platforms, urging Wiper Young Democrats to open up social media spaces and invite him and party leaders.

“We want them to take the lead and shape the conversation here and on the national platform,” he added.

The dialogue forum, which will begin on Monday, July 15 and conclude on Saturday, will promote national dialogue and seek lasting solutions to Kenya’s most pressing problems.

Ruto stressed the importance of the forum, saying that it will propose the way forward for the country.

“This forum will start on Monday next week and will end on Saturday next week, it will be a six-day forum and will propose the way forward for the country,” Ruto said.

The ODM leader reiterated the importance of the forum, saying it will give Kenyans the opportunity to be heard.

“Dialogue is the way out of the crisis we are facing in our country,” Raila added.

“We have agreed to give people the opportunity to be heard, to express themselves so that a lasting solution can be found.”