Passenger Jet’s Tire Bursts Into Flames Just Before Takeoff in Tampa

Passenger Jet’s Tire Bursts Into Flames Just Before Takeoff in Tampa

An American Airlines flight out of Tampa, Florida, was forced to abort after one of its tires caught fire moments before takeoff on Wednesday, July 10.

Video captured by plane spotter @CaptainStevenMarkovich shows the moment the tire burst and caught fire as the plane was gathering speed down the runway at Tampa International Airport.

Additional footage shows airport firefighters extinguishing the flames.

American Airlines flight 590 — a Boeing 737-800 aircraft — was scheduled to depart en route to Phoenix, Arizona, at 7:30 am Eastern. The flight was cancelled following the incident, according to flight tracking services. Credit: @CaptainStevenMarkovich via Storyful

Video transcript




Oh, our blown tire roll.

The trucks roll the trucks, roll the trucks, emergency, emergency, emergency, boy, we’re on fire and we’ve got a team.

There are 590.

0, my gosh.

Where’s the trucks?

Where’s anybody?

I don’t think the tower saw the serious nature of this.

There’s gonna be stuff all over the runway.

I think I see fire underneath the plane and, uh, it will be good for, uh, one of them.

Holy crap.

I think they’re on fire.

This is 787 this hour.

Roger runway one.

No, to take off, get somebody out there, roll the trucks.

Oh, my God.

Where is everybody?

59 is on fire, guys pay 1258 cart hour when we went on an electronic, the way that is 4 58 12.

It’s the real deal guys.

The car by American five night.

We’re sending some, uh, airport vehicle here.

Thank you very much American five night.

I don’t think the plane even realizes they’ve got a fire going.

I’m sure they can’t see it.

They just thought they blew a tire.

Oh, man, they were so close to taking off, ah, to our American type.

I got 590 to.

Do you want me going down?

Hey, you want to be on the phone or they all pretty good deal good.

Find everything looks good outside.

Okay. Yeah, I got that ground pointed up here.

It looks good outside.

You’ve been on fire.

Here we go, see the smoke going out.

They’re getting the fire out now, so we bring them to the, to, and we went on the run on a boy.

Luckily what I like to see the water spray coming up from underneath with you putting the fire out.

Get up.

I set up 191.



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