Captain drops unthinkable Manchester United suggestion to ‘quit’ before FA Cup final

Captain drops unthinkable Manchester United suggestion to ‘quit’ before FA Cup final

Bruno Fernandes has shaken Manchester United on the eve of the FA Cup final by definitively hinting that he might “QUIT”, not that he “don’t want to leave”.

Withdraw while you are ahead
Breaking news: Bruno Fernandes continues to leave Manchester United.

“Bruno Fernandes gives the biggest hint he could LEAVE Manchester United as he tells the club to live up to his ‘expectations’,” is the eye-catching headline. The sun websiteaccording to his words in The players’ tribune.

And to be fair, Fernandes – or at least someone with his express permission under his name – absolutely wrote this:

I just want my expectations to match the club’s expectations. If you go to talk to a fan they will tell you the same thing. We want to compete for the league. We want to play in the Champions League. We want to be in the cup finals. That’s the standard. That is what I want. That’s what you all deserve.

If that’s an indication that you want to LEAVE HIM, it’s not particularly good. Even less if you consider the paragraph literally directly above that of the real column, which they completely ignore:

I love stepping into Old Trafford more than anything in the world. I do not want to go. This has always been my biggest dream.

That’s what you get a man letting the world know he wants to QUIT IT.

The best might come at the end of The Sun article, when caps lock comes back on. ‘THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY,’ they shout, as if Fernandes might be hastily adding a couple more lines at the end. NO, IT IS NOT. And he never really has been.

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look at this photograph
Having long been fascinated/bored to the point of delirium by the genre of stories that the current kit reveals as a kind of “clue” to a player’s future, rather than a contractual obligation arranged by PR rather than the coaches or executives making the actual transfer decisions, Mediawatch thoroughly enjoyed the coverage of Marcus Rashford appearing in a photo shoot modeling the ‘M&S FA 2024 collection’ alongside Aaron Ramsdale and Conor Gallagher.

‘Rashford part of M&S team for England formal wear despite Southgate snub,’ shouts The Guardianwho adds that Rashford was “presumably photographed before England manager Gareth Southgate announced his provisional squad.”

He Daily Telegraph also opt for “despite” in the headline, and this story really feels completely unworthy of James Ducker, who echoes the bizarre phrase “pictured looking like before England manager Gareth Southgate announced his provisional squad of 33 men”.

He online mail Also try to keep it pretend: “Filming is expected to have taken place before Southgate’s team announcement.”

And at this point Mediawatch can only assume that it has lost its mind. Of course, the damn photo shoot took place before. the england team announcement. Obviously that’s what happened. The players were revealed on Tuesday afternoon and images were released on Thursday night; Is there any suggestion that they waited to see the team, saw that Rashford was omitted, dragged him in to take some pictures anyway and quickly changed them in two days? Is the idea that they simply assumed that Rashford, who has been part of every major tournament team under Southgate and has been one of their most used players, be so absurd?

It turns out M&S ​​were unaware of Southgate’s Euros team’s plans. How shocking.

Mediawatch can’t wait to see which players we have to pretend are definitely staying/going this summer because they have/haven’t modeled their current club kit, especially in light of this nonsense. Fernandes is the main candidate in any case just before RESIGNING.

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hasty decision
Not that everything ends there. Later The sun websitewe get this:

The Manchester United star, a regular Southgate regular, was not included in the provisional 33-man squad.

But that did not stop him from posing with Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale and Chelsea player Conor Gallagher, both also selected.

‘Didn’t stop it’ because it was done before it was omitted. Stop being really stupid.

And then him Daily Mirror website offers this:

First look at England’s M&S Euro 2024 kit featuring Marcus Rashford track

There is no indication what that “clue” actually was, as that word is not used at all in the story beyond the headline. But the only thing that is “dropped” here is Rashford and, for some unknown reason, the concept of common sense.

Hotch Poch
On the subject of England, this is some absolutely sensational material from Andy Dunn on Mauricio Pochettino in the daily mirror:

There should be a sense of real surprise that he is seen as an attractive option for Manchester United and England.

Because? Due to “his disappointing spell at” Chelsea and a reputation that “remains so golden despite so little material success.”

The current England manager is Gareth, the real Southgate..

And in 15 years as a coach (649 games with five clubs) Pochettino has a winning percentage of 48.7, a figure boosted by a season and a half at PSG.

It is an incredible job to note that winning percentage on the basis that it was improved by a season and a half at PSG, while completely ignoring the combined 221 games he managed at Espanyol and Southampton, two teams decidedly outside the elite.

For Spurs (whom he helped as much as anyone to recruit that elite), Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, his winning percentage is 56.1%. Keep this in mind as you move on to the next paragraph…

The numbers from a random selection of other high-profile managers of the modern era? JosΓ© Mourinho 61.9, Pep Guardiola 72.8, Carlo Ancelotti 59.2, Thomas Tuchel 57.3, Mikel Arteta 59.1, Unai Emery 53.2, Jurgen Klopp 54.4.

So, is Pochettino comparable in that metric to some of the best in the world? I understand.

It feels more than a little strange that Dunn is dismissing the idea that Manchester United could be interested in Pochettino without mentioning Ten Hag’s name among the coaches mentioned above. Surely that would be a more relevant comparison.

His winning percentage, by the way, is 62.73%, a figure that is boosted by four and a half years at Ajax and two seasons with the Bayern Munich reserve team.

Pochettino has his flaws, but let’s not pretend that the teams currently managed by Southgate and Ten Hag should not even consider his possible candidacy. It would make a lot of sense for Manchester United.

Slight difference of opinion
‘Arsenal face the prospect of a nightmare Champions League draw after Atalanta were crowned Europa League champions on Wednesday’ – Daily Mirror website.

‘Arsenal could suffer a nightmare draw in the Champions League, as a result of Atalanta’s victory in the Europa League’ – The sun website.

‘Arsenal face Champions League nightmare after Atalanta win Europa League’ – Daily Express website.

“Due to the new format, the draw would not be more difficult for Mikel Arteta’s team, although it could make things even more complicated for their opponents, eight of whom will claim the Premier League runners-up spot” – online mail.

Arsenal’s group of death It went well last season, to be fair.