Coaches happy with NFA internships

Coaches happy with NFA internships

Hesron Kapanga

Coaches of teams recently promoted to the National Premier Division have praised the Namibia Football Association (NFA) for allowing them to learn and exchange ideas with national selectors through its internship programme.

The internship program launched by the NFA technical department and the Brave Warriors technical team allows local coaches to exchange ideas with national selectors to improve the game in the country.

In an interview with nampa This week, Brave Warriors coach Collin Benjamin said that as part of the NFA’s open-door policy, they are always eager to exchange ideas with club coaches.

“The NFA belongs to all of us and we think about what is the best way to improve football if not by exchanging ideas with other coaches. So, we developed this internship program where club coaches will come while we are at camp to see how we do things and share information,” Benjamin said.

He added that the positive aspect of this internship program is the opportunity for national and club coaches to exchange ideas and share their expectations for players at both club and national level.

Kambonde Sakaria Shafa, assistant coach of KK Palace who won the North West First Division (NFD) broadcast, said attending the national team training will greatly benefit clubs tactically, especially those in the north.

“The national team has all the equipment, which makes our job easier. At club level, we often find it difficult when our best players do not attend training regularly due to other commitments. This makes tactical preparation for the upcoming matches difficult,” he said.

Meanwhile, KK Palace coach Leonardo Ndengu said the team’s structure showed them the importance of not relying solely on one coach.

“At the club level, we manage everything, from being the team doctor to the equipment manager to the water boy. We also need to improve tactically, since at national level players are expected to already know the basics that we need to teach at club level,” he said.

Axaro Mukoya, co-director of the Namibia Correctional Service who won the Southern Stream First Division, said he was happy with the professionalism of the national team’s training preparation and execution.

“Here the players know when training starts and everyone arrives on time, whereas at club level players tend to arrive late and make excuses. That is why we must be less lenient at the club level because without punctuality things will not work well,” he stated. –Nampa