Residents of Plateau in Montreal ask for greater security after triple homicide

Residents of Plateau in Montreal ask for greater security after triple homicide

There are growing calls for increased security in Montreal, following a triple homicide in Plateau on Tuesday and many other violent deaths in recent weeks.

The residents of Plateau are speaking out after a fight between a large group of people caused three deaths from stabbings in the parking lot of the Habitations de Mentana social housing complex.

The incident left a 15-year-old boy and two men in their 20s dead. Some neighbors said they were in disbelief.

Mohammad Mobed watched the fight from his sixth-floor balcony, called 911 and saw first responders arrive.

“They were doing CPR for at least an hour with no results,” he said.

Mobed said it is common for large groups of youth to gather in the alley, but in his four years of living in the neighborhood, he has never seen this type of violence.

Ulrick Peterson Celestin was one of the victims. A neighbor told CTV News that Celestin died next to the same building where she grew up.

“Right now I’m in shock,” said Nacera, Celestin’s neighbor, who did not want to give her last name. “Her parents were angels. She was a kind person.”

Representatives from the Montreal Municipal Housing Office (OMHM), which manages the complex, met with the tenants on Thursday.

“Employees, social workers and police officers went door-to-door to refer residents to resources that support witnesses to violent events,” an OMHM spokesperson said.

Mobed said safety concerns need to be addressed.

“If we could move today, I think we probably would,” he said.

In the last two weeks there have been seven homicides in Montreal.

The Parti Quebecois (PQ) said more action is needed to address what it characterizes as an increase in street violence.

“We want more budget for hiring and, in addition, we need to increase budgets on prevention, especially with community organizations that work with youth and violence prevention,” said PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

Quebec Public Security Minister Francois Bonnardel responded to X, saying the government is increasing recruits at the Quebec National Police Academy by 1,100 and seeking funding for another 225 Montreal police officers (SPVM).

The SPVM said Tuesday’s triple homicide was not related to organized crime or gangs and was the result of an escalating personal conflict.