Wuthering Waves Developer Fixes Launch Issues When Players Report Their Devices Are Overheating

Wuthering Waves Developer Fixes Launch Issues When Players Report Their Devices Are Overheating

The developer behind Wuthering Waves has apologized for its difficult launch and offered players compensation.

Wuthering Waves is an open-world Genshin Impact-style Gacha game from Chinese developer Kuro that launched globally for free on PC and mobile devices this week.

But since then, the launch has had a number of issues, including a number of bugs and lag issues. In a tweet, Kuro said that he was actively working to find solutions to these problems. “We are committed to constant self-reflection and improvement, with your satisfaction being our top priority,” said the developer. “We are incredibly grateful for your understanding and patience during our recent technical issues.”

The extent of the technical problems is outlined in a post on the Wuthering Waves website. There was a login timeout issue, which is now said to be fixed, an issue with age authentication, which is under investigation, forced logins every time the game client is restarted on PC, crashes, crashes on certain Android devices, poor quality localization and performance issues including lags, freezes, frame rate drops, device overheating, blurry graphics and forced shutdowns.

An emergency patch was issued to address the most pressing issues, but Kuro recommended those still experiencing severe overheating or frequent crashes to reduce graphics settings “in case of overload for a smoother gaming experience.”

“Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our players and we take performance concerns seriously,” Kuro said. “In future updates, we will continue to optimize game performance to improve your gaming experience. Stay tuned for our upcoming notices and announcements. “

The compensation now offered includes Lustrous Tide*10 for Rovers (player characters) who reach Union Level 2 or higher before July 3.

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