‘I thought it was this’: British Columbia man’s dash cam captures dump truck falling on top of his car – BC

‘I thought it was this’: British Columbia man’s dash cam captures dump truck falling on top of his car – BC

A Maple Ridge man is looking for answers after a strange incident occurred while he was driving.

Jim Ross was driving his truck on March 27 on 132 Avenue near Fern Crescent.

He was heading east and a dump truck was heading west.

“The box was up and caught on the overhead cables,” Ross said. “And I knew immediately that it was going to change. And the driver was fighting with him, trying to stay in his lane because I was pushing him into my lane, and he was fighting to stay in his lane. He magnified the effect of the cable and threw it right on top of me.”

Click to play video: 'Dump truck crash survivor recounts harrowing experience'

Dump truck accident survivor recounts harrowing experience

Ross said the two vehicles were “windshield to windshield” and that the drivers could see each other after the cab of the dump truck landed on top of their SUV.

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“If it had been two feet more, it would have been on my roof,” he said. “So it was the closest I ever wanted to be.”

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Ross’ dash cam captured the incident on video, which he shared with Global News.

This image shows the overturned truck flipped on its side.

Jim Ross

Despite the possibility of electrocution due to live wires in the road, Ross said the driver of the dump truck kicked his windshield and walked away safely.

When a witness safely opened Ross’ passenger door, that’s when he was able to get out of his car. Ross said that despite the loss of his vehicle, he knows how lucky he was to walk away unscathed.

“I thought, ‘Well, this is how it ends,’” he said. “That’s it. I’ve been around heavy equipment my whole life and I thought this was it. This is the final.”

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According to Ross, the driver of the dump truck did not remain at the scene, but waited there for BC Hydro, police, fire and ambulance.

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Close call caught on camera on Highway 5

“At first I thought they were going to crush me,” he said. “Secondly, I thought they were going to electrocute me.”

Ross said others should use his example of paying attention to the road at all times, without distractions.

“By paying attention, it saved my life,” he said.

Starting June 1, all dump-type vehicles with bodies capable of being raised above 4.15 meters will be required to have a warning device in the cab to alert drivers that the dump body is raised.

Ross did not want to disclose the name of the shipping company because he did not want to blame anyone, but said he hoped this could be a learning experience.

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He said he knows accidents happen, but he wanted to tell his story about how quickly things can change and how a moment of distraction could be potentially catastrophic.

In a statement to Global News, the Ministry of Transportation’s Commercial Vehicles and Safety Enforcement branch said it was not informed of this incident or the carrier involved and, as such, no fines have been issued or action taken.

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