2024 Hall of Fame Inductees

2024 Hall of Fame Inductees

More than 700 people attended the second Crusaders Hall of Fame benefit luncheon, to Celebrate greatness and recognize the tremendous achievements and contributions of three new members.

The event, on Friday 24 May, took place once again at the spectacular Te Pae Christchurch, in the heart of the city. Last year we welcomed our inaugural members: Todd Blackadder, Justin Marshall and Sir Wayne Smith.

This year we were fundraising for Youth Hub Christchurch, who are building the first purpose-built Youth Center in New Zealand, complete with supported living facilities to improve and maintain young people’s mental health.

More than $90,000 was raised in the live auction alone, and more will be raised in a silent auction held that same night.

Member #4: Norm Maxwell

Crusader #21, playing from 1996-2005. A cult legend of the club and the game.

“It’s hard to be singled out among such an incredible group of people, and it’s a team sport, it’s a whole ecosystem that works for you to play. In that sense, I’m just a visible part of the larger group, but yeah, definitely It is an honor”.

Member #5: Leon Macdonald

Crusader #37, playing from 1997 to 2009. A great presence in his time and continues to lead the game through his training.

“It’s a great honor when you spend the best part of your life here, and being recognized among your peers means a lot to me. But I do it with a little discomfort because it’s not really about setting us apart.” “Our strength was always how connected we were as a team.”

“Going back into the room and seeing the faces, and seeing the impact that everyone has had on your life and a lot of them are still here doing things. There are so many unsung heroes in the game.”

Member number 6: Reuben Thorne

Crusader #48, playing from 1997-2008. He is a club legend, a fan favourite, and he continues to give back to the club and the community long after hanging up his boots.

“The people of my time were there at the beginning and laid the foundation for what we have today. So I always look back at that time, at the people involved and what they taught us and how they developed that culture that we know today. And It’s something I’ve always been proud to be a part of.”