Heeramandi’s Jason Shah says he was not introduced to his co-stars on set, forcing him to complete all his scenes in just 45 minutes after everyone else finished | Bollywood News

Heeramandi’s Jason Shah says he was not introduced to his co-stars on set, forcing him to complete all his scenes in just 45 minutes after everyone else finished |  Bollywood News

Heeramandi actor Jason Shah opened up about the “stressful” atmosphere on the set and said there was a lack of communication that negatively affected his performance.

jason shah heeramandiJason Shah played the villain Cartwright in Heeramandi.

Actor Jason Shah, who recently played the villain Cartwright in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s first streaming series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, spoke about the “stressful” atmosphere on set and said he would have liked more time to prepare for the role and more fluid communication between him and his fellow collaborators on the show. In an interview, Jason said that he took it all seriously, even though he was often the last actor to do close-ups on a given day, and assistants often failed to communicate what was required of him.

Chatting to Bollywood Now, Jason said that he would work for three days and then be off for entire weeks. This did not help his performance and the situation only got worse due to lack of clarity in vision. “At first I thought (Cartwright) was a very direct character, who would come in and hit everyone, because that’s all I’m reading. “I didn’t read the whole script, and maybe if I had had the opportunity to do so, I would have seen Cartwright from a different perspective,” he said.

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Jason said it would only have helped his process if he had more time with the directors. “It was not a continuous shoot. I was pretty devastated. I would work for three days and not be on set for three weeks, and then I would come back. In my mind, I was pushed. I wasn’t adapting. And what happens is that over a long period of time working with a team, the different nuances of that day start to affect your character.”

Jason said there were times when he would show up on set but have no idea what to do. “They would know what the scene was, but I wouldn’t even know who the actresses were. At one point, I thought one of the actresses (I won’t name her) thought she was an AD. And then she appeared dressed, ready for the scene. But no one introduced me. So I don’t know who’s on set!

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The actor emphasized that “the preparation was a little less” on the show, but said he doesn’t mind. He also noted that he would be the last to be called for the close-ups of him, after the others had filmed theirs. “There were many days when he filmed at the end. We did a lot of closings and, most of the time, I was the last one to close them. Not that I’m trying to be the victim here, but they told me things like, ‘Jason, you have 45 minutes.’ So I’ve done some huge scenes in a very short time.”

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Also starring Manisha Koirala, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditi Rao Hydari, Richa Chadha, Sharmin Segal and Sanjeeda Shaikh, Heeramandi debuted to mixed reviews on May 1.

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