Disabled pilgrim Nebbi aspires to inspire others

Disabled pilgrim Nebbi aspires to inspire others


From the moment we join the pilgrims in Bweyale, Kiryandongo district, Eric Mungu Jabero, 32, is always at the front during the walk to the shrine of the Catholic Martyrs in Namugongo, Wakiso district.

Despite being confined to a tricycle, Jabero pedals with dignity and joins his fellow pilgrims in joyful hymns and worship. As he advances on his bicycle, supporters offer him a hand, pushing him from behind, symbolizing the support and solidarity of the pilgrims.

He has a charm that attracts other pilgrims to him. His quick wit and humorous jokes keep everyone in suspense, creating a happy atmosphere that is contagious and uplifting.

Jaber it’s not the only pilgrim with a disability. Like him, there is another confined in a Wheelchair and the third, although disabled, he is able to walk.

Eric Mungu Jabero in an interview with Bukedde TV journalist Pius Kyanda.  The interview took place at St Anthony's Catholic Church in Migyera.

Eric Mungu Jabero in an interview with Bukedde TV journalist Pius Kyanda. The interview took place at St Anthony’s Catholic Church in Migyera.

Everything was going according to plan Jaber until Tuesday (May 21), when en route to Migyera from Kafu His tricycle failed and his colleagues rushed to Jabero’s aid, helping him make repairs.

On the first try he thought it was repared, but the wheels remained stubbornly rigid. Undeterred, he tried again and, on the second try, he successfully solved the problem and got his rusty trike back on track.

Arriving at St Anthony’s Catholic Church in Migyera, a welcome rest stop for pilgrims, we finally reached Jabero. After observing his remarkable journey from Bweyale, we discovered that the journey from Kafu had been particularly challenging for him.

said his tricycles The system had failed:I had to get out to fix it.t”. According to. is well equipped to fix your wheelchair. It is moved with a wrench, a hammer, oil and bearings to fix it, in case it breaks.

Traveling to Namugongo

About the trip to Namugongo, Jobero said: “Is long, but is a path of faith; When you have faith, there is nothing you can’t do. When you have faith and belief, you can achieve it. Because I have faith, I know that I will reach Namugongo even if I have or No I have money, I know I’m going to reacth”.

“YO I want to have time to pray, share the word of God with fellow Christians and also dedicate my family to God,he added.

Jabero has two children, the eldest, a boy, who goes to daycare. He is also a farmer and shoemaker in the town of Nebbi.

He said another reason he was walking was to pray for his business. He said that he No have an address and materials for your business. “I have to sit down from the people terraces to do my work.”

Family reaction to the pilgrimage

Jabero said that when he first told his family about the pilgrimage, they thought he was joking.Howeverwas only When they saw him packing his clothes for the trip, they realized he was serious the whole time.

Inspiring other people with disabilities

Jaberus said a lot People have challenges, but when they share them, they gain a sense of belonging and courage.

“YO They know that things of faith are difficult, especially for young people; They believe that having faith is for older people. I want to tell people that we must continue praying. Whatever situation you are going through, it is not you alone,he said.

Jobero added that many disabled people are at home,but when they see me advance with faith going to Namugongo, they will be inspired. I encourage others to come and we go in large numbers. so that we can Showing the world what people think of us is not what it seems Yos’.