A man devised a plan to get into a Bruno Mars concert by talking to employees to forge their staff passes and is jailed.

A man devised a plan to get into a Bruno Mars concert by talking to employees to forge their staff passes and is jailed.

SINGAPORE: A man traveled to Singapore without a concert ticket, but was determined to see a Bruno Mars show.

He visited the Singapore Sports Hub venue, chatted with employees there and secretly took videos of both sides of their passes, before photoshopping his face on a staff pass and getting copies printed by a local store.

When Karl Phillippe Njiomo Tengueu, a 23-year-old Cameroonian national, presented his staff pass to security officers outside the Sports Hub on April 3, they let him in.

He watched the entire show and successfully made it to the VIP segment after fooling another security officer.

Karl was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail on Friday (May 24). He pleaded guilty to three charges, including forgery and cheating, and three other charges were taken into consideration.

The court heard that singer Bruno Mars would perform at Singapore’s national stadium in early April.

Tickets ranged from S$108 to S$598, but were reportedly sold out. Despite not having a ticket, Karl arrived in Singapore with the intention of going to the concert and then leaving the country.


On April 2, a day before the first concert, Karl visited Singapore Sports Hub and walked around.

He noticed that some employees were carrying Sports Hub staff passes and were allowed into the concert hall.

He devised a plan to enter the concert by posing as the staff. Karl approached some employees wearing staff passes and started talking to them, asking them questions while he secretly recorded videos of their passes.

The videos were played in court and showed the unsuspecting victims snapping and laughing in response to Karl.

After this, Karl took screenshots of the staff pass from the videos he had recorded and used Photoshop on his laptop to make a fake staff pass.

He digitally put his face and name on the pass and visited a local print shop to make several copies. She also printed a counterfeit VIP ticket to the Bruno Mars concert using an image she obtained online.

On the night of April 3, Karl wore a forged staff pass lanyard and put on a reflective vest so he could pass himself off as an employee.

Before entering the concert, he posted a short video of himself on Instagram stories, saying that he was trying to get into the concert without a ticket.

Security officers allowed Karl to enter without going through the usual security checks and ticket scanning. No checks were carried out on his personnel pass.

During the concert, Karl tried to enter the VIP area, but a security officer stopped him and asked if he was authorized to do so.

When Karl said yes, the security officer took a photo of Karl’s pass before letting him in.

Karl stayed until the end of the performance before leaving.

However, the security officer attempted to verify whether Karl’s pass was legitimate. He realized it was fake, but Karl could not be reached that day.

Venue security officers were alerted to the incident and ordered to be on the lookout for Karl in the days following the concert.

He was detained by security when he tried to enter the concert again on April 5.

The prosecution requested a 14- to 18-week jail sentence for Karl, citing his high degree of premeditation and the fact that he had trespassed into an extremely congested concert area.

The defense said Karl was “trying to stay as quiet as possible” and not disrupt the event, and said he was never going to hurt other people.

In response, the prosecutor rejected the argument that Karl was trying to be discreet, since Karl had posted his crime “openly” on social media.

His sentence was retroactive to the date of his arrest.