Google Password Manager Now Has Family Password Sharing Feature – What It Is and How It Works

Google Password Manager Now Has Family Password Sharing Feature – What It Is and How It Works

Google has started rolling out the family password sharing feature to Google Password Manager, which was initially teased earlier this year. Announced as part of Safer Internet Day, this new functionality is designed to enhance the capabilities of Family Link. According to Android Authority, the password sharing feature is available in Google Password Manager for mobile devices running Google Play Services v24.20. However, some users have reported that the feature is still not visible on their devices despite having the latest update.

How family password sharing works

The Google Password Manager support pages describe how this feature works. When you share a password, the recipient within your family group receives a copy of the login details in their Google Password Manager. This allows them to use the credentials for the specified websites and apps, as long as the login details are saved to their existing Password Manager account. It is important to note that this option is not currently available in the desktop version of Chrome.

Benefits and security of sharing family passwords

Google has highlighted several scenarios where this feature can be particularly useful, such as a child sharing access to homework with a parent or coordinating daycare schedules through a single account. Password sharing functionality is restricted to accounts that are part of a family group, which adds a layer of security compared to a more generic sharing mechanism.

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In addition to the family password sharing feature, Google Password Manager is also undergoing a Material You redesign. It is not yet clear whether both updates will be available to all users simultaneously.

As the family password sharing feature continues to roll out, users are encouraged to check the availability of their devices. This new capability aims to facilitate the secure and convenient sharing of passwords within family groups, improving the overall user experience of Google Password Manager. If you have the feature enabled on your device, please let others know about your experience in the comments section.

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