Police launch operation against resellers

Police launch operation against resellers


The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has launched a nationwide operation titled “No Touts”, which aims to root out gang touts notorious for forcing travelers into public service vehicles and pirate taxis without license.

In just one day, the police arrested 410 resellers, marking a significant step in the ZRP’s aggressive campaign. Those arrested are being processed through the court system, with appearances scheduled in batches to ensure a quick legal response. In particular, fines will not be accepted at police stations, underlining the ZRP’s commitment to thorough judicial procedures.

The crackdown comes in response to growing public complaints about the promotion, which has become a widespread problem in Zimbabwe’s transport sector. Touts, who often operate in groups, are known to use intimidation and threats to fill vehicles, creating an unsafe environment for passengers.

In a press release, Commissioner Paul Nyathi emphasized that public service vehicle operators and their crews will face legal consequences if they are caught employing resellers. The ZRP has also warned pirate taxi operators, known locally as mushikashika, not to engage resellers in illegal activities such as unauthorized passenger pick-ups and drops.

The police’s collaboration with the Judicial Service Commission ensures a coordinated effort to bring those involved in the promotion to justice.